International Woman Day "IWD" GDG Amman 2019

GDG Amman
Sat, Mar 30, 2019, 9:00 AM (EEST)

About this event

GDG Amman and WTM Amman are celebrating The "International Women's Day", 2019 we make our celebration with friends, family, and colleagues. We raise the awareness, celebrate achievements and rally for changes.

So be with us on March 30th, we will feature some of the women making a change in Jordan's entrepreneurial landscape. We will host multiple talks by women and men who will share their adventures to make it a big day for inspiration and change.

Event agenda:
09:00 Doors Open and Registration
09:30 Welcome Remarks and keynote: GDG Amman
09:45 Session: Motivational Talk
10:15 Session: Electronic Crimes Talk
10:45 Tech Session: Strategic Innovation and Value Chain Managment
11:50 GDE Talk
12:20 Lunch and Networking
01:10 Success Stories
01:40 Panel Discussion: Woman and Virtue
02:30 Closing Remarks
03:00 Doors Close

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