Creative Coding With Kotlin and Compose

GDG Almaty
Fri, Jan 20, 9:00 PM (GMT+6)

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About this event

“Creative coding is a type of computer programming that aims to create something expressive instead of something functional.” – Wikipedia

Language: Russian. Мероприятие будет проходить на русском языке. 

Programming doesn’t always have to be about mobile, web applications, and databases. Instead, let’s have some fun and use Kotlin to create something expressive, beautiful, and eye-catching.

In this session, Anton will explore Compose Multiplatform for creative coding with Kotlin. We’ll start from the basics by drawing some geometric shapes on the canvas. Then, by applying some basic math, we’ll see how geometric shapes can transform into tangible, visual artwork that you might want to put on your living room wall!

Speaker’s bio:

Anton is a Developer Advocate on the JetBrains Kotlin team. His professional interests include programming languages and developer tooling. A Java Champion since 2014, Anton is also a co-organizer of, a local developer community in Tallinn, Estonia.

Moderator: Alexandr Nozik

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