The Welcome Day : GDG Algiers & WTM Algiers

About this event

We, GDG Algiers and WTM Algiers, think it’s high time to tighten the global link between the GDGs across the world and to fully live the experience of being a part of a global community ruled by knowledge, technology, and sharing.❤

Thus we are organizing this season's welcome day 😎 under the theme of Globalisation 🌍 by taking our local community on a trip ✈ to discover the different GDGs and WTM ambassadors from all over the world, the MENA region, and from inside our country, Algeria.

We appreciate all their contributions 🤝 and we believe that together we are stronger 💪 !

To end the trip, we finally land on GDG and WTM Algiers to live an other exceptional experience.
You won't be able to guess what is it about!  🤯

For more details, wait for us tomorrow at 6pm 👀 and don't miss our live stream at 8pm 🕗 on our Facebook and Youtube channels.

And more importantly, never miss the registrations form  🤩


Friday, Dec 24
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM (CET)