Quality Assurance Mentorship Day

GDG Alexandria
Thu, Jun 21, 2018, 10:00 AM (EET)

About this event


GDG Alexandria and Innuva IT solution are inviting you to the upcoming event, “Quality Assurance mentorship day”. This event will open doors to all fresh “Quality Assurance engineers” and help in setting a foot in the doorway of the IT industry. Such a step will be taken with confidence and ease into such a wonderful career path should the first step start here and now. This is your chance towards a promising future.

Quality Assurance Mentorship Day is a journey that will start with:

1st: An introduction about Innuva and what it is all about:
Such an introduction will highlight Innuva in the field of Quality and its methodologies.

2nd: A presentation about the set of important skills necessary for quality assurance:
First of all, when it comes to quality assurance, obvious and direct analysis is a must. Second of all, communication and business marketing skills ought to come hand in hand with having a sharp pair of eyes for details and having the ability to deliver issues in a good way. Last but not least, having substantial knowledge on quality will help make this journey a smooth one; it will definitely add quite an edge. Lastly, being fearless in the face of challenges is not the same as having the ability to work under pressure. Innuva Quality Assurance strives mainly for their engineers to have fun when face to face with stronger challenges than they have ever faced before and to have the desire to stoke that fearless spirit with enthusiasm and confidence.

3rd: A talk about experience-related skills:
Skills picked up in the field are definitely more valuable and priceless than any other skill learned academically. This is simply because they are skills that will set you for life; they cannot be replaced. On this part of your journey, you will learn how to think as a tester and think about the most common mistakes in the field. The target here is mainly the attaining of a special set of ‘’experience skills’’ that will help you everywhere you go in your chosen career path.
4th: Break Time!
We will have fun moments together during our lunch break by enjoying our fun area activities such as “playing with XBOX”

5th: One-on-one mentorship
Innuva’s experienced team leaders will divide the attendees into groups for a session of mentorship and brainstorming ideas. This is to address your individual qualities, offer guidance for those who have difficulties in the field and offer advice about the best career path suitable for you.

Finally, you are most welcomed to start your journey now!
The 1st step in our hiring process is by filling out an application and having a technical exam.

Please Register in this form as there is a limited number of seats available:


Note: you have to get an invitation mail to be able to attend the event.
Hope to see you soon.