Docker Workshop

GDG Alexandria
May 20 - 22, 2017, 6:00 PM (EET)

About this event

Outline :

Containers are not a new thing, but implementing them was always a little more complicated than it needed to be. Docker made great leaps in simplification of containers and set the world on fire from there.

What is Docker ?

Docker is a software container platform. Developers use Docker to eliminate problems when collaborating on code with co-workers. Operators use Docker to run and manage apps side-by-side in isolated containers to get better compute density. Enterprises use Docker to build agile software delivery pipelines to ship new features faster, more securely and with confidence for both Linux and Windows Server apps.

What is covered in the workshop ?

Day 1 - Part 1: Introduction to Docker
Day 1 - Part 2: Up & running with Docker
Day 2: Play with docker
Day 3: Docker in the real life 

Speaker :
Mohammed Zaghloul

GrowArc Founder | Senior Web Developer | Team Lead

Mohammed Zaghloul is a senior front-end developer at OpenCoast, a Spanish based startup. It's main product is Bloowatch, a Booking and Management platform that help surf and watersports schools to managing the activities and administrative tasks. Previously, Mohammed worked as lead front-end developer at Softcrop Media and team leader at Global Impact.

Mohammed is a web developer with more than 9 years of experience working with JavaScript and C# programing languages in JetBrains WebStorm and Microsoft Visual Studio IDE’s on macOS, Linux and Windows Operating Systems. He has a strong background in JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and love MVC design pattern and object oriented programing. He has been developing web application in the last six years using Ember.js & AngularJS JavaScript MVC frameworks beside MicrosoftAsp.Net MVC & more. He also has background in developing T-SQL queries and Microsoft SQL database design. Beside his technical background, He had the chance to lead front-end teams in an Agile environment.

GrowArc is a new firm with a dedicated JavaScript development team, focused on full project service for building high quality web applications in short time.

Mohammed try to keep up to date with new technologies and exploring them and currently he is interested in Docker, Ember, Typescript, Angular, Node, React, Vue, Python, Django, MEAN Stack, C#, .Net Core, Machine Learning

Location : 
ASITA premises: 98 Al-Dobat Buildings Moustafa Kamel, Alexandria, Egypt

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Admission Fee : 50 LE.

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