DevRel MENA Study Jams & TOT [ Alexandria ]

GDG Alexandria
Thu, Feb 7, 2019, 9:00 AM (EET)

About this event

Dev Ecosystem Study Jams
Study Jams are study groups complementary to Google Developers Roadshow MENA events, ran by Dev Ecosystem MENA with content from Google Developers.

The objective of the Study Jams is to increase the technical competence of the members of our community through face-to-face courses.

These trainings give the members of our community a series of skills that can be used for personal and professional development.

Join us in the second edition of Study Jams MENA!

Study Jam
Training Of Trainers
TOT is important, because any trainer needs two separate sets of skills and knowledge; The topic they are teaching (subject matter expertise); And the know-how of transferring that information to the student (instructional expertise). Instructors need both of these sets of skills, and we train you on both.

The goal of the Training of Trainers (TOT) process is to give new trainers the background knowledge, skills and practical experience to provide communities the training and technical assistance they need.

These trainings ensures that communities have their qualified local trainers, who can conduct these workshops in a scalable & self-sustainable way.

You can enroll now with commitment & dedication!