DevFest Ajah 2023

Lighthouse Event Centre (RCCG, Tabernacle of David), 1, Mobil Estate Road Opp. Northwest Filling Station, Ilaje, Ajah, Lagos, 101245

We are excited to bring the DevFest energy to GDG Ajah this Year! We would be showcasing multiple speaker sessions across Google products. RSVP to reserve a seat and join hundreds of other developers and tech enthusiasts.

Nov 11, 2023, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Key Themes

AIAR/VRAndroidAngularCareer DevelopmentCareer FairCloudCommunity BuildingDataDesignDevFestDevOpsFirebaseFlutterGoogle AssistantGoogle Maps PlatformInclusionIoTMachine LearningMobileNetworkingTensorFlowWebWomen Techmakers

About this event

Every year, the GDG Ajah organizing team crafts and plans the biggest tech meetup in Ajah to cater to the needs and interests of its community through DevFest Ajah. This event features technical talks, career fairs, and idea fairs where attendees network, connect and get advice from established personalities and tech-inclined individuals.


Welcome Address
Keynote 1
Keynote 2
Account Abstraction: Changing Blockchain Rules
From Raw Data to Insights: Introduction to Data Preprocessing
Sponsor session
Angular Best Practices
Infra-level Oberservability with Google Cloud Monitoring
Games, trivia, etc
Mobile App Security
Future Females in Tech: Navigating Career Paths and Opportunities
Sponsor session
PWAs: A Developer's Guide to the Future
Building the Future Together: GDG Ajah's Journey, Achievements, and the Call for Community Engagement
Sponsor session
Demystifying Deep Learning: A Journey into Neural Networks
Lazy Community Management Hacks
Games, trivia, etc
Building Robust and Efficient Microservice Systems with gRPC
Design Panel (Design in the Real World: Systems, Collaborations, and AI's Role)
Break time, Lunch &Networking.
Flutter: The future and beyond
Prospering in a Developer-Dominant Community: A Guide for Non-Technical Experts
Code: The Language of Business Success
Games, trivia, etc
Crowdsource by Google; The need for AI in diversity.
Build a Flutter App Fast!
Closing Remarks


  • Ada Nduka Oyom


    Developer Ecosystem Community Manager

  • Frantz Kati

    Software Engineering Educator

  • Odeajo Israel

    Machine Learning Engineer, Data Coach, Join Momentum UK

  • Isaac Ijuo


    Product Manager

  • Ebenezer Don


  • Amara Achusi


    Programs Manager

  • Sam Vloeberghs

    Freelance Software Engineer

  • Sadiq Akinjobi


    Developer Ecosystem Community Manager

  • Michael Mekuleyi


    Senior DevOps Engineer

  • Oluwafemi Akerele

    Pakam Technology

    Lead Mobile Developer,

  • Mariam Hamzat

    Mobile Developer

  • Olayinka Oshidipe

    Developer Relations Engineer

  • Gideon Ogbonna


    Senior Flutter Engineer

  • Faith Ayoola Oni

    Google Crowdsource Influencer

  • James Olinya

    Sana Transfer, Canada

    Software Engineer - Technical Lead

  • Onyedika Somto

    Google Crowdsource Influencer

  • Oluwaseyi Ayodele

    GDG Ajah

    Community Lead

  • Okechukwu Benjamin

    NED Consultants

    IT support


  • Kelechi Endurance


    Product Designer, Co-lead at

  • Israel Toba


    Product Design Manager

  • Judith Ifeoma Nwokike


    Product Designer


  • Demola Malomo

    Product Engineer