Reactive Programming in Angular with RxJs

GDG Ahmedabad
Sat, Apr 25, 2020, 10:00 AM (IST)

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About this event

When we work an Angular Application, it's already reactive programming but using RxJs it can be much better and can be scalable.

RxJs is Reactive Extensions For JavaScript. RxJS allows you to solve hard problems with less code, promotes maintainability, readability, flexibility. These are few reasons on why RxJS is the better way to handle async operations right now. RxJS allows you to increase the power of your application with reactive programming techniques. In just a few lines of maintainable code, you can have multiplex web sockets and easily coordinate multiple Ajax requests. RxJS is also great for state management with asynchronous data flows. With RxJs, you can handle this in a declarative and flexible way alongside redux or you can replace Redux altogether.

This event is all about Reactive Programming in Angular with RxJs. We will learn following core concept of RxJs


Also we will see how we can handle HTTP requests with RxJs and how we can manage states with RxJs in your Angular application.

This is hands on session for the experienced developers. You can bring your laptop along with network connections.


Jinal Shah
Hiren Dave