Open source Awesomeness of Elastic Stack

GDG Ahmedabad
Sun, Sep 16, 2018, 9:30 AM (IST)

About this event

Data is not the new oil. Many sectors thrived on building scalable and performant systems. Now, we are at a interesting juncture to be able to collect, collate and comprehend data from different sources.

Talk Title: Open source Awesomeness of Elastic Stack
Talk Abstract:
Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana and Beats) is such a open source platform which is built for scalability, performance and it is mainly used for “You know.. for Search”. When you have a such system which scales to the horizons of you data, helps you in your data quest, shows you insights - imagine what you can do with it.

Join Aravind Putrevu, as he explains popular open source developer platform and How it can add value to learnings?.
Aravind will also explain various practical use cases of Elastic Stack while demonstrating some.

Speaker: Aravind Putrevu
Aravind is passionate about evangelising technology, meeting developers and helping in solving their problems. He is a backend developer and has six years of development experience.

Currently he works at Elastic as Developer Advocate and looks after the Developer Relation function of India. Previously, He worked at McAfee Antivirus as a Engineer in Cloud Security Domain. He has deep interest in Search, Machine Learning, Security Incident Analysis and IoT tech. In his free time, he plays around Raspi or a Arduino.