Mitigating Data Theft Attack in Android

GDG Ahmedabad
Sat, Nov 18, 2017, 10:00 AM (IST)

About this event

About Topic: Security to the Android application is difficult task because android is one of the most widely used mobile platforms. It runs on a wide range of devices, from mobile smartphones and tablets, to set-top boxes. So we wanted to specifically focus on one element of Android security. Potentially Harmful Applications (PHA). It includes Backdoors, Billing fraud, Spyware, Hostile Downloads, Trojan Apps.

You will be learning below things,

Steps need to follow while writing code:-

1) Proguard

2)Android Lint

3)Android compatibility test suite

Steps need to follow while storing the data:-

1)shared preference

2)Internal storage

3)External storage

4)Content provider


Android security features:-

1)Verify apps

2)Safety nets:

Tampering Detection in android with codelab

Tampering detection is a preventive measure used in mobile applications to help

Ensuring that a third party hasn’t recompiled and published your application

Under their account or store without your consent

There are 2 different approaches:-

1)Check if application has been renamed.

2)Check if application has been published without your consent.

Speaker: Rashmi Sridar
(3 years experienced Developer)

Rashmi is working as a Software Developer at Visual Infosoft Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad. She loves to develop mobile application and learn new technologies. She is passionate about research and stay updated with latest trends. At last she wants to contribute to embolden women in tech world.