Mobile Sites Certification Web Study Jam

About this event

Today over 50% of web traffic goes to mobile yet unfortunately developers aren’t designing effectively for it. For example 53% of mobile visitors will leave if a page takes more than three seconds to load. The average page takes 19 seconds to load over 3G. Speed is just one part of creating better mobile experiences and best practice has gone a long way past responsive design alone. Are you up to date?

Want to get started on the Mobile Computing, but don't know where to begin?

Join us for our Mobile Sites Certification Web Study Jam Series.  You'll be taken through the fundamentals of Mobile Web development with Google tools. 

Join this meetup to get web development skills free of charge.

Bring a laptop (PC)! And Power Box


Day 1: 10am - 5pm

Day 2: 10am - 5pm