The Developer’s Health & Lifestyle

Google Meet - Online Accra, 00233 GDG Accra
Jan 7 - 28, 5:00 PM (GMT)

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The Developer's Health & Lifestyle Series is part of an ongoing effort to inform, educate, and empower techies and non-techies in the community to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

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About this event

This event is designed to help all prepare mentally, physically, and healthier towards the new year.

7th Jan. - Healthy Spine Healthy Life (Hybrid event)

14th Jan. - Personal Branding (Online)

21st Jan. - Mental Health Matters (Online)

28th Jan. - Eating Healthy + What we drink matters (Coffee)



January 7 - 28
5:00 PM (GMT)


Google Meet
Online Accra00233