Google Cloud & Kubernetes

GDG Aarhus
Thu, Apr 28, 2016, 4:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

The era of cloud computing is upon us, and this paradigm shift means new ways of doing software development. Things that did not seem possible a few years back is now right at your fingertips. Google and other big cloud providers are abstracting away the hard and complicated systems behind the cloud, whether it is image recognition, translation or other services. This allows you as a developer to build cool new things and to be able to handle customers’ expectations on an unprecedented amount of connected devices.

This event will feature three segments:

1) a short overview of the state of the art for the Google Cloud Platform for application developers based on announcements from the recent NEXT conference. Including some general patterns for app backends with Firebase and EndPoints/App Engine, Machine Learning in the cloud and a live code/demo of Cloud Vision API on Android. (Kasper L. J.);

2) a general introduction to cloud computing and how Google Cloud Platform works (Kasper N. & Martin);

3) and finally a detailed introduction to Google’s Kubernetes, which is a cluster management and scheduling tool. To visualize the ideas and key concepts of Kubernetes we will demonstrate it using a Raspberry Pi cluster (Kasper N. & Martin).

Presenters will be:

Kasper Nissen, IT Minds
Kasper is a software engineer with at passion for Cloud computing. He is currently exploring this passion in writing his master's thesis about Cloud Computing, Microservice architectures, and Kubernetes infrastructure. Beside his studies he works at IT Minds as a Software Developer, and further tries to disrupt the driving school industry through his startup, Drivelogger.

Martin Jensen, IT Minds

Martin is a curious software developer and master’s thesis student with a great interest in cloud computing. Currently he is writing his master’s thesis on resilience in cloud computing and how it can be used in a teaching setting. Additionally he works as a software developer at IT Minds and likes to try out with new technologies.Martin Jensen, IT Minds 

Kasper Løvborg Jensen, Leafcastle Labs / Aarhus Uni

Besides running Leafcastle Labs, Kasper is an associate professor in the Software Engineering department at Aarhus University School of Engineering. He mainly works in the intersection of mobile and wearable computing, context-awareness and human-computer interaction/UX while keeping an eye on how to leverage the power of the cloud.

As usual, the event is free for all - so spread the word and bring your friends!

The drinks and snacks are sponsored by IDA Embedded and Google :)

NB: As the event is co-sponsored by IDA Embedded - If you are a member of IDA, please also sign up on their site as this will "generate" more snacks/drinks for the event :D