[ONLINE] GDG 3City meetup - Flutter edition

GDG 3City
Tue, Jun 9, 2020, 8:00 PM (CEST)

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About this event

Hi, Community!

I would like to invite all of you, interested in technology, enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners for the GDG meetup, flutter edition!

This time we will run 3 talks, in English, each around 20 minutes. After live public streaming, the video will be available on the GDG3City youtube channel.

Schibsted Tech Polska is a partner of this event. Check their website: https://www.schibsted.pl/

Link to stream and chat will be provided soon.

## The talks

Topic: Async way of Flutter
Abstract: Asynchronous programming with standard building blocks of Dart and Flutter.
About the speaker: Kamil Rykowski. Flutter developer & enthusiast of cross-platform techs. Indie game dev working on mobile post-apo RPG @Vaultomb. Allergic to over-engineering & non-productive code refactoring.
Profile: https://twitter.com/KamilRykowski

Topic: Github actions + Firebase App Distribution with Flutter apps.
Abstract: Find out how fast and simple you can set up your App distribution process to automatically release your new App versions to testers and users.
About the Speaker: Marcin Kitowicz. Android Developer at Schibsted Tech Polska. Passionate about learning new technologies. Never bored. Recently his mind has been completely absorbed by Flutter.
Profile: https://github.com/kitek

Topic: Having fun Painting with Flutter
Abstract: Sometimes widgets are not enough and we need to create some custom experience that seems impossible to be achieved with Containers or Stacks. This is when CustomPainter can shine. Let's learn how to draw basic shapes, lines, and complex paths. How to apply shaders, filters, and draw text paragraphs. And finally how to take it to the next level with animations.
About the Speaker: Dominik Roszkowski. Mobile developer experienced in Flutter and other cross-platform technologies. He's been a deputy manager of the PW-Sat2 Polish student satellite that was launched into orbit in 2018. Co-founder of Flutter Warsaw meetup and Flutter Europe conference.
Profile: https://twitter.com/OrestesGaolin

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