Android 3City meetup

GDG 3City
Thu, Feb 27, 2020, 6:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

Hi, Android devs!

I would like to invite all of you, interested in technology, enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners.
Let's create history together. Sign up for the first (of many) GDG 3City Android meeting. We plan to run 3 talks, each around 20 minutes. There will be a fridge full of excellent beverages and a lot of pizzas.

17.30 - registration and pizzas
18.00 - the start of the first presentation
19.00 - time for networking

## The talks
- Jetpack Compose by Marcin Kitowicz (
* Jetpack Compose, the future of building UI on Android. Discover a new approach in the declarative way of building UI on the Android platform.

- Developer on stage, or how to create a thrilling technical presentation by Natalja Nazaruk(
* Public speaking is a difficult art. Especially for developers who stereotypically feel much better at their desks staring at the IDEs, than being in the spotlight. Sometimes, however, we would like to share an interesting topic, present a way to solve a problem or build our personal brand as a specialist in the field. This presentation intends to help you make your first steps as a public speaker.

- Why Paging Loves Room by Piotr Prus(
* Real-life use case including paging, Firestore, and Room.
The talk will cover the usage of the Android Paging library for querying data from firestore database. I will present the problem that we encountered in the project, how to manage local changes of data and how Room library saves us.

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The event will be co-hosted by Schibsted Tech Polska.