WTM Members Event: Building Inclusive Culture

Join us as we sit down with Melanie Yencken, UX Director at Google, to learn how to build an inclusive team culture and grow talent with diversity and inclusion in mind.

Dec 7, 2022, 9:00 – 10:00 PM


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About this event

Driving Inclusive Team Culture:

Many managers and leaders want to be invested in building inclusive teams, creating an equitable team culture ensuring they grow and retain diverse talent. However, most do not know exactly how to begin.

In this presentation Melanie will share a toolkit constructed from her own experiences as a manager in the private sector over the last 10 years, working to create diverse talent.

Personal talking topics:

Why Melanie created LondonTechLadies 

- Lessons learned from building the community to 4000+ women and how empowering and developing women supports organizations to succeed

Soft skills to succeed 

- How women can lean in and develop their soft skills to succeed in the workplace focusing on negotiation, confidence, networking and presence.

Leading International UX teams 

- Lessons learned from building and leading international UX teams across London, US, Mexico, Morocco, Hungary, Belarus, China, Finland, Spain & Switzerland

Building inclusive (UX) team culture 

- Lessons learned from building team culture to retaining and grow talent with diversity and inclusion in mind. 

This event will be hosted by Women Techmakers, a program that provides visibility, community, and resources for women in technology.


  • Melanie Yencken


    UX Director


  • Marlena Cardenas

    Women Techmakers

    Global Program Manager,

  • Michaela Plesnikova


    Global Program Manager


  • Sequoyah Patrick


    Program Manager, Global Lead- Women Techmakers

  • Tania Rodriguez Fuentes

    EPAM Systems

    Senior Project Administrator

  • Ana Sofia Fuentes Carranza


    Community Manager

  • Shameeka Emanuel

    Senior Program Manager, WTM Membership Global Lead

  • Maya Tudor

    Program Manager

  • Kristine Lazdina

    Program Manager, Women Techmakers

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