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DevFest Inspire is a 2-3 hour celebration taking place at the end of the DevFest 2021 season where the content created by the African and European community will be recognized, as well as showcase speakers from Google products. Check the event trailer here!

DevFest Inspire puts a spotlight on developers in Europe and Africa. We aim to amplify the reach of DevFests across the region by promoting your content, speakers, and organizing chapters to developers within and beyond the Google Developers communities.

A networking space will run alongside the talks, and you are welcome to join our conversation rooms to learn more about our different programs, ask questions to our speakers, or just connect with other attendees!


Additionally, check, a platform to showcase the projects and articles that developers have built with Google technologies. Browse, learn, or submit your own!  

Please note that we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment of any kind. Please check our Community Guidelines and reach out via in case you need to get in touch with our team.





  • Luisa Guerrini

    Luisa Guerrini


    Regional Lead UKI, Developer Relations


  • Ekaterina Vinnichenko

    Ekaterina Vinnichenko


    Community Manager

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  • Tim Messerschmidt

    Tim Messerschmidt


    DEPR Lead

  • Zviad Kardava

    Zviad Kardava


    Program Manager

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  • Katarzyna Adamek

    Katarzyna Adamek


    Community Manager

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  • Florence (Flo) Poirel

    Florence (Flo) Poirel


    Ecosystem Campaigns Lead Europe

  • Pati Jurek

    Pati Jurek


    DACH Regional Lead

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  • Nino Nanitashvili

    Nino Nanitashvili


    DevRel Community Manager

  • Monika Janota

    Monika Janota

    Community Manager

  • Phillipe Luna

    Phillipe Luna


    DACH Community Manager

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  • Natalia Stones

    Natalia Stones


    Community Manager | UKI & France