Bintou Douno

  • HDMS, Manager
  • Conakry
  • Professional Training & Coaching
Marketing · Mentorship · GDG Member · Business development

About Me

Bintou Douno is a Consultant and Trainer in Project Management, she works in an evolving environment where clients and project teams operate in various business sectors. Bintou Douno is a Telecom engineer by training and also earns a Master2 in management, quality and complex system from the UHP of Nancy 2. She was project manager in a Multinational operating in the field of New Technologies and Information (NICT) and based in Guinea Conakry. With more than eight (8) years of experience in her field, she is the manager of her HDMS firm. HDMS has been in existence since November 2015, its main activities are business plan development, market studies, impact analyzes, support for SMEs, project incubation, training and guidance. Bintou Douno was born in Guinea in the city of Boké, she spent her childhood between different big cities of her country. His youth was very eventful between joy, laughter, disappointment and experience on human relations. She left her parents very early to study in countries including Senegal and Morocco. Passionate about travel, new discoveries and human relationships, she easily adapts to all the environments she frequents. Which makes her exceptional and unique in the eyes of the people she meets often. She always knew what she wanted to advance professionally, on the one hand. And on a personal level, on the other hand, its multitude of questioning and acceptance of criticism from third parties.