Ershian Anwar

  • JazzCash, Expert Consumer Product Design
  • Islamabad
  • Financial Services
AI · IoT · Business Intelligence

About Me

Ershian Anwar, Expert Consumer Product Design for JazzCash, is a Mechatronics graduate from NUST with Masters in Robotics & AI. Currently he is part of Product Management team at JazzCash, a mobile wallet platform of Jazz, Pakistan’s largest Telecom. He started his entrepreneurial journey in junior year of university in 2010 with Quadsource. Mostly providing IT solutions to foreign clients, quickly expanded into other fields such as Digital Signage solutions(2012), Augmented Reality based games and marketing material production (2013). His most recent venture was launched in December 2016 and serves as a successful model for Alumni|Academia partnership with Dr Yasar Ayaz(NCAI) and Salman Farooq(Du Telco). Anzen, provides IoT based products for home automation and intelligent surveillance. In addition to that, he was technical consultant and CTO for Radical Growth Solutions, working to bring EdgeAI down to tree level on massive date farms using LoRaWAN technology. He has over 9 years experience in technical product design, hiring technical teams himself as well as designing testing processes for technical and non-technical recruitments.