Aditya Phadke

  • University of Saskatchewan & Cambrian College, Researcher | Professor | GDG Lead
  • Sudbury
  • Research
machine learning · artificial intelligence · Data science

About Me

I am an aspiring Data Scientist aiming at innovative research to solve problems with data. I am pursuing my M.Sc. Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan. My lab work is focused on data science and concurrent programming (using the actor model). I am a graduate of the Analytics program from Cambrian College, Sudbury, ON, Canada. I have worked for Cambrian R&D on various research projects in the field of data science and IoT. In addition to that, I am a part time professor at Cambrian College. I also have teaching experience working as a peer tutor at Cambrian College, an expert mentor on and a teacher on I am a firm believer of giving back to the tech community, which is why I am leading a Google Developer Group and have volunteered as a mentor for Canada Learning Code.