Gürkan Fikret Günak

Flutter · Dart · Embedded systems · AI · Flutter development

About Me

It is accompanied by making workshops for brands in a company (VW, Seat, Skoda and other brands ) where the leading brands in the Automotive Sector are gathered together. I try to reach a problem-free solution by describing the processes of their work processes, quality control management and technical product information. In addition, I try to be the solution point of all the problems that arise in terms of after-sales services and to increase the productivity of the employees. ✔ But on the other side, I'm a developer of software and user interface. The software has always been part of my profession. Now I'm making improvements to other platforms. I focus mainly on user experience-oriented products. After all, all the software is for humanity 😉 Finally, I enjoy writing my own ideas, people are telling and listening to their ideas. I think that's the most beautiful profession. 🙏