Ali Jawad

  • Southern Technical University - Iraq, Faculty Member
  • Basra
  • Higher Education
Automation · Deep Learning · Architecture · Entrepreneurship · Coding · FPGA · Decision Science · AI-ML-IoT · Business development · cryptography

About Me

A computer engineer and a faculty member at Southern Technical University - Iraq. My interests are focused on developing the Iraqi youth in the fields of technology, entrepreneurship, education, English language, and other related aspects. One of my greatest concerns is about how to re-activate the link between Iraqi universities and the labor market to revive the natural lifecycle of economy. I organized and co-organized many social events that deal with the trending subjects in tech field, education, women’s empowerment, kids’ programming skills, …etc. Some of these events are down here: • BIT’18 Meetup and Basra Hackathon - The most important gathering for IT professionals in the southern region of Iraq, December 2018. • INC Initiative and INC’19 Festival - The initiative is concerned about teaching kids and young people the art of coding, and the algorithmic reasoning, February 2019. • Iraq Innovation Hackathon 2019 organized by Science Camp (The Iraqi Maker Space) and sponsored by GIZ (German Agency for International Cooperation) and Zain Telecommunication, April 2019. • 1’st STU - ISACA Symposium on Cybersecurity and Potential Threats sponsored by Southern Technical University, Commission of Media and Communication, in partnership with ISACA Baghdad Chapter, August 2019. • 2021 STU Symposium on Online Assessments sponsored by Southern Technical University, Commission of Media and Communication, in partnership with GDG Basra, February 2021. • A number of online training workshops in entrepreneurship, strategic planning, programming, application development. • Women of Inspiration, a series of online women empowerment workshops, September 2020. • DevFest Iraq 2020, a GDG event organized in cooperation with GDG Najaf, and GDG Erbil teams, November, 2020. • International Women’s Day (2020 IWD), an online event presented a number of success stories of Iraqi young women in tech field. Besides the above-mentioned activities, I worked as a member of the following teams: • University-industry linking program that is agreed upon between Southern Technical University and Basra Gas Company. • The organizing committee of the scientific conferences of Southern Technical University for several years. • The ministerial committee of Iraq higher education strategy 2030. I think, the social work can be a trigger of big successes. It connects people, encourages them to be engaged, and for sure it would fructify.