Gospel Chinyereugo

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About Me

My name is Gospel Chinyereugo and I am a fullstack software developer, a CI/CD advocate and a Git expert. I'm a great team player and leader, and I build solutions with codes and content, with the sole aim of adding value to any community I find myself in. I've worked with many technologies ranging from HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and frameworks (React and VueJS), and Nodejs, PHP, a bit of Python and MongoDB and Postgresql DBMs. I'm currently building two developer communities in my locality, Codevs and GDG Owerri. Codevs is a community of like-minded developers who take up projects and work on them together while GDG Owerri is a community of developers who use Google technologies to build usable products. I love giving back to my community in any way I can and being a part of great product development which has played a major role in some of the projects I've worked on and currently building.