Ali Zuhair

  • University of Technology, Mobile Application Developer
  • Baghdad
  • Information Technology and Services
Flutter · Java · Community · Dart · Community Building · Cooking · Business · Design Thinking · Android Development · Apps · Data Structure · Communication · GDG Lead · Business development · Educator · Android App Development

About Me

Hello World! I am Ali Zuhair Google Developers Group Lead in Baghdad I grew up in Karbala, Iraq and originally studied Computer Science at the University of Technology – Iraq. My passion for community building has helped me meet a lot of great people and led me to where I am today At ALTAMEER Systems Solutions. Back in 2019, I started a Google Developer Students Club (GDSC) chapter in my university, it was the first DSC in Iraq me and with my team worked very hard to bring Iraq to the world and enter it into the communities of Google developers, two of our project reached to the top thirty projects in the Middle East and North Africa. Now I am a UoT Innovative Students Club organizer one of the UoT volunteer students programs to train students in the latest technologies. As a GDG manager, I ran community events, workshops and hackathons for developers in Baghdad, to help the community to solve the local problems using technologies. My last words to all of you “Don't be your own roadblock. There is nothing in the world that you can't do or achieve. As long as you don't stop yourself from taking a leap and striving for your goals, you will do just fine.”