Sachin Kumar

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About Me

Google Developer Expert, Founding Team Member and Chief Technology Officer at TupeloLife (a connected health company), Founder, and Lead Organizer for GDG Doha, Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Mentor, and Youtuber. He developed an early fascination for technology and since then, has always been on a quest to learn, share, and innovate. As CTO at TupeloLife, he has elevated the company in the connected healthcare ecosystem by using various innovative technologies from its inception to date. Also, loves to share the experience and learnings of the products and services with the community to inspire them to build a better future. He has vast experience building solutions for the Healthcare industry and responsible for building and providing a platform for the American Heart Association’s National Hypertension Program in the United States. Recognized as an expert in technology and leadership, invited by world-class institutes and startup accelerators to participate in public lectures, mentorship, and training.