Johnatan Alexis Urbano Guzmán

Typescript · Flutter · Java · React · Docker · DevOps · Javascript · aws · Nodejs · net core · Dart · php

About Me

“We came to this world to write a story of those who become great, of those who fall in love and inspire the world!” I love my family and my friends, I am passionate about learning, reading, cooking, entrepreneurship, sports, trail running, thanks to them I changed my life. CEO & Founder Mobile Lab S.A.S. Co-Founder and Full Stack Engineer in LaManicurista App. Co-Leader GDG Cali. Experience in several languages ​​and platforms. (C#, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Node, Flutter, React, PLSQL, Dart). Experience as a CRM consultant, Business intelligence, systems B2B, Project Management, Data analysis, Scrum. Experience in software integrations.