Amal Mahmoud Abouzeed

Product Design · python · machine learning · artificial intelligence · innovation · Internet of Things · G Suite · GDG Organizer · Public Relations · prosthetics · buisness development · Data Analytics · Data science · Project Management · Deep Learning · Analytics · Data Visualisation

About Me

ungraduated Biomedical Engineering student, I am a scientific Researcher with a vision that each person whatever his age can do his own idea and implement it so I worked the past years since 2017 on this idea helping people in their own projects from an engineering point of view as well as a Researcher. my mission was targeted mostly to the students at school, so ages were between 5 and 16 years old. accomplished already I taught and work with about 300+ different personalities and way of thinking, their targets was to make robots learn electronics also implement ideas for science fairs like ISEF and other school competitions. Recently, Besides doing this I am an Artificial intelligence passionate I am aiming to work hard with this science as well I do for robotics and embedded systems to make new features for artificial limbs know-how as I am really interested to perform great changes in the way the prosthetics are designed and used with amputated people or the disabled ones