What's new in Android Studio 3.2 and What's Coming in 3.3

GDG San Francisco Android
Thu, Oct 11, 2018, 6:00 PM (PDT)

About this event

Jerome Dochez from the Google Android Studio team will be presenting on the latest updates to Android Studio.

About Jerome Dochez
Jerome is the tech lead on the Android SDK team. He is the manager and technical lead for the Android Gradle Plugin. Previously Jerome was the architect of the GlassFish project at Sun Microsystems and Oracle.

Title: Build is Fast in 3.2 but You Can Make it Faster

Description: every major release of tools is expected to make things faster, and Android Studio is no exception. Build performance has always been in the center of attention and today with the release of version 3.2 and adopting the Gradle v4.10.2 we are one step closer to the ultimate 'Instant run'. Let's see how we can utilize new tools and what homework is left on us to make our apps compile faster both locally and on CI.

About the speaker: Artem Chubaryan is a senior software engineer currently working at MOBITV. He loves optimizing things, squeezing out build performance from every line of code.