Android GDG Meetup @ Square [External RSVP]

GDG San Francisco Android
Thu, Jun 20, 2019, 6:00 PM (PDT)

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Join us on Thursday, June 20th at Square’s San Francisco office for our next GDG Android meet-up. You'll get a chance to network with folks from the Android community, talk about some new approaches to long-standing problems, and meet some of Square's engineers.

We'll serve light appetizers and drinks and start at 6pm.


6 - 6:45pm - Socializing/Networking
6:45-7pm - Announcements
7 - 8:10pm - Talks + Q&A
8:10 - 8:30pm - Socializing/Networking

Important note: tickets are non-transferable and guests without a ticket will unfortunately be denied entry. When you RSVP through Splash, you will be emailed a ticket. You must show the ticket (either on your phone or printed) and a valid ID to enter the event.


We'll be hosting three exciting talks.

1: Hello Workflow:

An introduction to Square’s new Workflow library ( for Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift), which allows composable state machines to drive UI navigation and content, where the state machines are cleanly separated from UI code. Four months ago, we rewrote it! Find out what’s changed, what’s new, and how to write a Hello World app.

2. Leak Canary

LeakCanary 2 Alpha 2 is out, come learn about hot new features, crazy improvements and gnarly implementation details!

LeakCanary 1 helped detect memory leaks but had several issues: constant freeze of the UI, OOM crashes while analyzing, results hard to analyze, a confusing API, and an ugly logo.

No more! Come learn about multiple leak detection, leak grouping, smarter analysis results, detecting leaks in UI tests... and much more!

Oh and LeakCanary 2 is 100% Kotlin, updated to Android X, and it even has a cute new logo!

3: TBD!


- Zach Klippenstein
- Ray Ryan
- John Rodriguez
- Pierre-Yves Ricau