GDG DevFest - 2019

GDG Cloud Vancouver
Sat, Sep 7, 2019, 9:00 AM (PDT)

About this event

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The DevFest season is here and GDG Cloud Vancouver is hosting our own DevFest at Mobify.

This year, we got exciting lineups, events, and lots of swags, so be sure to come and enjoy your worth.

The ticket price will be going up after Aug 24 and every week after until the event.


Vikram Tiwari :
Building scalable web and data platforms for high availability, resilience, and security. Co-founder, Tech @omnilabsinc #GDE @GoogleCloud and #MachineLearning

Margaret Maynard-Reid :
Margaret Maynard-Reid is a Google Developer Expert(GDE) for Machine Learning, and she develops Android apps with intelligence. She leads GDG Seattle and co-organizes Seattle Data/Analytics/Machine Learning meetup groups. She writes blogs and speaks at conferences on TensorFlow, deep learning and Android. She is passionate about community building and helping others get into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Cleo Espiritu :
Cleo Espiritu is a Google Developer Expert for G-Suite. She holds an MSc in computing science from the University of Alberta, and has experience working in various roles, such as user experience designer, software developer, business analyst, and system designer. Her passion for designing and developing software that improves end-users’ lives led her to champion and educate on the use of G-Suite for people to transform the way they work.

Martin Omander:
Martin Omander works for Google in Mountain View, California. His job in the Developer Relations team is to help developers build better software, and improve Google's Cloud Platform to make it even better for that purpose. Before Google, Martin worked at a string of startups in Silicon Valley as a software engineer. In his spare time, he is an amateur game programmer.

Kirsten Anderson:
After 25 years as an entrepreneur in the toy industry, and over a decade as the play expert on Global TV she sold the award winning “Best Toy Store in Canada” to bridge her expertise in leadership and the science backed bottom-line benefits of play for ALL ages, especially in the workplace. Though some now call her a Playologist, she’s actually a business strategist and International keynote speaker on Playful Mindset around the world. Kirsten is the founder of Integrate Play Solutions; a boutique training corporation working with organizational teams in diverse industries, to help solve their messiest challenges using playful methods - the favourite being LEGO® Serious Play®.

Bosky Mukherjee:
Bosky Mukherjee is a multifaceted Product & Growth Leader in the areas of product leadership, growth and scaling businesses. She deeply understands what it takes to establish a great product management and growth organization in the areas of strategy, frameworks/operations, people and organizational design. A practitioner and an advocate for humanizing collaboration, creativity, design and building experiences; Bosky brings her passion for authenticity in all our interactions - with tools, each other and our users. From tech start-ups to, top 50 brands and unicorns.

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