Triangle DevFest

GDG Raleigh
Tue, Feb 26, 2019, 4:00 PM (EST)

About this event

Triangle DevFest is here and we have some amazing speakers to talk to you about headless chrome, containers, kubernetes and GAE!

Food, drinks, swag and fun will be provided.

Speaker Lineup:

Jarrod Overson, Director, Shape Security
Topic: Automating Chrome with Puppeteer

You know that automation is important in every aspect of development, but how many times have you automated web page interaction? Automating browsers used to be a cumbersome process prone to breaking but now, with Puppeteer, setting up automated browser scripts is easy and fun. In this talk Jarrod will go over Puppeteer, the Chrome DevTools Protocol, and how to get started taking control of your browser.

Shika Srivastava, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM) and a Master Inventor at IBM
Topic: Containerized Applications to Secure and Scaling with Kubernetes

What does it really take to make sure your application is production ready?
How can you make sure your containerized application is production ready and how can you make sure of right scale, availability and security set up for your containerized application in hosting environment. I will cover all aspects from start to finish on how to deliver production-ready code.

Chris DeMars
Front-End Developer, Tuft & Needle
Topic: I Can't See: Low Vision A11y & Users

When you think of low vision, what comes to mind? A user that is near sighted? How about far sighted? Maybe partially blind? These are all qualifying cases of poor vision, but low vision is more complicated than the prescription of glasses or contacts.

According to the World Health Organization, they categorize low vision based on specific levels of visual acuity and field of vision ( , 2016). With that in mind, we as developers can look at different categories of low vision including color vision, visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, etc and make an effort to bake in things like zoom, non-conflicting colors, and re-wrapping of columns in to our code.

My talk will cover what vision accessibility is, different categories of low vision, what the needs of the users are, and what we as developers can do to achieve a great user experience for low vision users.

Diana Rodriguez, Chief DevOps Architect at Voicethread
Topic: Containers 101: Docker and Kubernetes Simplified

Lightening Speakers:

Kelly Carijen
Topic: Focus: One way to get it and keep it

James Luterek
Topic: Trends in commerce

Timothy, Daniel, and Eugene
Topic: The role of kids in TECH, the fastest growing professional community in the world.