Modern Web January - Special Event with John Papa and others! Celebrate 2019!

GDG Raleigh
Wed, Jan 23, 2019, 6:30 PM (EST)

About this event

Happy New Year!

Who's ready for some great food, company, and presentations? Come out and join us to discuss everything JS.

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We are partnering with some awesome JavaScript meetups: Triangle Modern Web, Triangle Serverless, Triangle JS, Angular RTP, Code Craftsmanship Saturdays, and Triangle Node.

Thanks to our sponsors: ATO (All Things Open) and Allstacks.

Location: HQ Capital Club in downtown Raleigh - 12th floor

Featured Talks:

Speaker - John Papa - Developer Advocate at Microsoft

Developing with JavaScript in 2019

Whether you choose Angular, React or Vue, you may benefit from understanding how building an app in each of them feels. Can we build the same things? Can we debug them the same way? Can we deploy them with docker to the cloud? Join me and let's explore what it means to be a JavaScript developer in 2019.

Speaker - Alan Ball

Turn F# into Javascript with Fable

In this talk I'll be answering what F# is, when you might want to consider using it, and how it can be used with Fable (F# Babel) and React components to build functional type-safe websites.

Speaker - Jake Dohm - Web Developer

Cleaning Up Your Function Parameters

Function parameters are one of the fundamentals of writing JS, but just because they’re fundamental doesn’t mean you can’t improve how you use them. In this talk, we’ll quickly refactor a function to clean up it’s parameters, making it easier to use and read!

Speaker - Jarrod Overson - Director at Shape Security

** This is a Modern Web event - RSVP at **