Machine Learning w/ BrainJS, Cambridge Ana-cynical, PWA and Web Components

GDG Raleigh
Thu, Jul 19, 2018, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

We are co-hosting another Modern Web event!

Along with Triangle Ember, Triangle Javascript, Angular RTP, Triangle Node, Code Craftsmanship, Triangle React, Triangle Ruby, and Triangle Elixir.

Pendo is sponsoring food + venue

There will be a special talk called "Getting Kids Involved as Programmers/Developers in Building Today's Digital World"
from Timothy Amadi. He is 10 year old developer and founder of his own company, Bug Zero Codes!


Featured Talks:

Speaker: Jeff Mahoney, Software Developer, IBM Watson Health

“Get Your AI On: Machine Learning with JavaScript using BrainJS”

Classes and toolkits for machine learning are everywhere... if you like coding in Python or R. But what about the intrepid developers out there who want to play with machine learning using JavaScript? Is there a solution for them?

The answer is yes. In this presentation, we will walk through training a neural network using BrainJS, a wonderful library that allows us to do this in a language most (all?) front-end and web developers are familiar with. Come and watch the birth of SkyNet with JS!

Speaker: Marcus Hellburg, lead developer advocate at Vaadin, helping developers learn about modern web technologies, background in embedded systems but has worked on everything web related for the past 15+ years.

“Hands-on with PWA and Web Components”

The web is turning into an application platform. Web Components give us a way of defining reusable UI components. Progressive Web Applications improve performance in poor network conditions. You can install them on your phone and they can send you notifications of important events.

In this presentation, we'll learn the basics of Web Components and Progressive Web Applications by building a small application from scratch. After the presentation, you will have the skills needed to get started working on your own PWA.

Speaker: Peter Elbaum, Software Engineer at Smashing Boxes

“Cambridge Ana-cynical: Understanding the Facebook information scandal and its APIs”

In the spring of this year, it became public knowledge that as many as 87 million Facebook users had their data mined by an app developed by the political data firm Cambridge Analytica. These events prompted many questions including inquiries about whether or not the data access was legal. From a software development perspective, one wonders how exactly the data mining was achieved. With that in mind, this talk will dive into the breach and the capabilities of Facebook's public APIs. We will survey what people developing on Facebook's platform are able to accomplish and the data that's immediately available to them. We'll also demo of some of the common utilities that are possible using the Facebook Javascript SDK.

Speaker: Jay Phelps, Reactive programming nut and compiler enthusiast. He is the Chief Software Architect at This Dot, previously a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix. Lover of all things open source, RxJS core team member and author of core-decorators, git-blame-someone-else, and co-author of redux-observable.

“Help me WebAssembly, you're my only hope!”

WebAssembly (aka wasm) is a new, standardized compilation target for the web, shipping in all modern browsers. But since it's so low level it can be difficult to see how it will revolutionize the next generation of web apps–and definitely not just games and C++! In this talk, Jay will reveal what it is, how you can use it today, and the incredible opportunities it will unlock in the years to come on both the Web and on Desktop.