Hands-on NativeScript - from sketch to app

GDG Lisboa
Sat, Mar 30, 2019, 2:00 PM (WET)

About this event

Requirements: HTML and CSS knowledge

To bring: Laptop, Smartphone

We will be using NativeScript Playground (https://play.nativescript.org) so you won't need to setup a development environment and lose time. Straight to building cool stuff!

NativeScript is a framework for building and running native iOS and Android applications, with single, JavaScript (TypeScript) code. It let you reuse your web developer skills, building beautiful, native applications in no time.

In this workshop we are going to introduce you to a framework, compare them to others tools on the market and build fully-functional app for saving your favourite comics on your phone, using our (your) amazing Marvel Collector app!

This workshop will be given by Pavlo Figol, frontend developer and Nativescript ambassador.

See you there :)