[Collab Flutter Portugal] REMOTE Flutter Workshop

GDG Lisboa
Sat, Mar 14, 2020, 2:00 PM (WET)

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About this event

As you can imagine, the latest developments of COVID-19 make it difficult to hold a face-to-face workshop, as it would pose a risk to public health. However, we have found a solution - we’re going to do a **full-remote workshop**!

🎤 Filipe Barroso (Organizer of Flutter Portugal and GDG Lisbon)
📆 March 14th 2020 - 14h:30m
📍Link: https://youtu.be/8jt86a_2WMs

## 📄 Description:
In this workshop, you will learn how to build powerful apps using Flutter. We will start with the basics and build on that, in the end, you can continue with the exercises or start building an app of your own, bring your ideas!


## How it's gonna happen

- Before the event, please enter at the Flutter Portugal Discord, channel #workshop ( http://chat.flutter.pt )
- On the day before the event, the link to enter the workshop by video call will be shared on the #workshop channel as well as via email.
- We will have mentors to help you and answer your questions. We will also use tools to have better workshop experience.
- All indications will be given at the beginning of streaming (March 14th 2020 - 14h:30m)


## What should you have prepared

- Laptop with Flutter (https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/install), you should be able to run flutter doctor without any errors.
- A device to connect to the laptop (iOS or Android ) OR an Emulator (iOS or Android )
- VS Code ( https://code.visualstudio.com/) installed with Dart and Flutter Plugins
- Find a place with stable and fast internet

## ⚠️NOTE: It is expected for you to bring the required materials installed and ready; there will not be time during the workshop


## 🕑 Agenda:
- 14:30 - Quick Intro What is Flutter
- 14:45 - Introduction to basic Widgets
- 16:00 - Break (w/ imaginary coffee)
- 16:15 - Networking, StateManagement, and Plugins
- 18:00 - Let's Build an App!
- 20:00 - Goodbye and homework

👨🏽‍💻 Biography:
Not your usual software developer, he loves getting out of the zone of comfort and if you don't see him at a tech event, he is probably organizing the next tech event for Google Developer Group Lisbon, that he is an organizer for the last last 4 years, where he organized more than 60 events, 7 of them being full-day conferences. He likes to read psychology or supporting a local community. He has a strong opinion about social impact, inclusivity and the importance of communities. Lately, he has been advocating the new Flutter SDK by Google, around Portugal, by organizing Flutter Talks and workshops.

As a developer, he has worked in android applications for companies such as Altice, Brisa, Federação Portuguesa Futebol, TAP, Bayer among many others and currently is working remotely as an Android Developer and Machine Learning Engineer.

Twitter: @ABarroso
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