Kotlin and App Maker by example

GDG Gran Canaria
Tue, Jan 23, 2018, 6:00 PM (WET)

About this event

• What we'll do
Workshop 18:00: Programing with Google App Maker by Aitor Carrera
Abstract: App Maker lets you develop powerful apps with relative ease. In this workshop you will get an introduction on how to create a model to manage your data, build a UI in the visual editor and use Apps Script to write some scripts. An introduction to get started!
Language: Spanish

Workshop 19:00: Kotlin 101 by example - web service and Android client by Ruslan Zaharov
Abstract: Many of us have heard about kotlin language, recently promoted by Google for Android applications. Although hype is still there, not so many people had a chance to try it out yet. Because of massive media push, kotlin is often considered as a better way to write android apps even though it actually can compete not only with java but with nodejs and python server applications. In this talk Ruslan is going to show basic eye-catching features of kotlin while building toy web service for that during live coding session highlighting most important aspects
Language: English

• What to bring
Please bring your laptop with Google Chrome installed!

• Important to know
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