A Tour of TensorFlow’s APIs

GDG Boulder
Tue, Aug 21, 2018, 7:00 PM (MDT)

About this event

Dean Wyatte is a Lead Data Scientist at Activision where he researches and develops and machine learning systems for online games. He has previously worked in machine learning for cybersecurity applications and for mobile devices. He received his PhD from the University of Colorado Boulder where he studied biological neural networks for visual recognition and temporal sequence learning.

TensorFlow makes a number of different APIs available to users. Many users are probably familiar with the low-level API in which graphs and sessions must be explicitly managed by the user or Keras, which abstracts over these details allowing the user to focus on designing machine learning models. In this talk, Dean will discuss some of TensorFlow’s recently added high-level APIs, which include the Dataset and Estimator constructs. These constructs provide a number of benefits to users such as input pipelining and distributed training with minimal code changes


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