Algorithms at Google: Graph Mining at Scale (online GDSC event)

GDG Zürich
Wed, Jan 19, 2022, 6:00 PM (CET)

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About this event

Curious about what algorithms are being developed at Google? Ready to learn more about how their algorithms extract information and scale to graphs with billions of nodes? In this talk from our friends of Google Developer Student Club, Google research scientist Silvio Lattanzi will introduce Graph Mining and Learning at a high level, a fundamental area of research with applications to a multitude of Google products. The talk will touch on what graphs are, why they are important, and where they appear in the world of big data. We will then dive into the core tools that make up the Graph Mining and Learning toolbox, and lay out several canonical use cases. The talk will also touch upon discussion of how to combine algorithms, systems, and machine learning to build a scalable graph-based learning system in different distributed environments.