WebAssembly: Changing the Web Forever?

GDG Vilnius
Thu, Oct 24, 2019, 7:00 PM (EEST)

About this event

18:00 - Doors open
19:00 - "WebAssembly: Changing the Web Forever?" by James Milner (a Google Developer Expert from London)
20:00 - Q&A

For many years there has been the only way to write client-side logic for the web; JavaScript. WebAssembly provides another way, as a low-level language similar to assembly, with a compact binary format. The power of WebAssembly lies in the ability for it to be a compilation target for a range of statically typed languages like C, C++, Rust, Go and even TypeScript.

The rise of WebAssembly support in browsers has allowed companies such as AutoCad and Figma to rethink their web applications, games engines such as Unity to turbo power their libraries and even consumer sites like eBay to improve their user experience.

The real question on everyone's minds is, will it cause a paradigm shift in how we build applications as web developers? This talk will attempt to answer this question by giving a grounding in what WebAssembly is, then dig into its use cases and what the future holds for it. Attendees can expect to understand where WebAssembly lies in the ecosystem and what it provides to those building apps today and how it might change the web going forward.