High and Low Level Talks

GDG Toronto Android
Mon, Sep 25, 2017, 6:30 PM (EDT)

About this event

18:30  Snacks and Socializing
19:00  Talks start
20:30  More socializing

Two talks: one about high-level things (Android Architecture Components) and one about low-level things (Zygote, Binder, Application Framework).

Dario Mungoi - Android Architecture Components: An Intro to Lifecycles 

Historically, understanding the Android lifecycles and how to make an app handle correctly this different states and transitions has been one of the biggest challenges faced by android developers.

Many libraries and solutions have emerged over the years and earlier this year at Google IO 17, Google presented the Architecture Components library to help the developers better architect their android applications and treat the lifecycle as a first class citizen.

In this talk you will learn:

• What is the android architecture components library.

• Use the LiveData to observe data.

• What is a lifecycle owner and how they work.

• Use the ViewModel with LiveData to observe data and retain across configuration changes.

• Build a custom lifecycle aware component.

Djoume Salvetti - Android Application Framework from the Bottom Up

Programming an Android Application is very different from programming a regular Linux app. Why is that? This presentation will go over Zygote, Binder and the Activity Manager to show how those low-level components address critical design constraints of the system (Security, Low Memory, Slow CPU) and shape the Application Framework.