I/O Extended: Web Edition of Pacific Region GDGs

GDG San Diego
Fri, Jul 29, 2022, 2:00 PM (PDT)

Pacific Region GDGs unite for a virtual event featuring web session related to the recent Google I/O

About this event

About this event

We'll hear three sessions about various aspects of web development:

The Internet is an awesome place where everyone can find interesting materials for them. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget some people cannot use it the same way as most of us - e.g. people with vision, motion, or cognitive disabilities. In my presentation, I wanna show how to easily improve the accessibility of your webpage using features built in Chrome DevTools - like accessibility audit, fixing insufficient color contrast ratio, or simulating different color vision deficiencies.

Data-driven styling is a new feature of Google Maps Platform, to use Google maps data to styles several kind of boundaries: countries, counties, cities, etc.

Learn how Firebase’s experience for developers using modern web frameworks is improving and how you can get involved.

Each event will be streamed on Youtube, see links for each talk. During the talks feel free to interact or ask questions in the chat. We'll either try to answer them on the spot or after the talk.

We'll conclude our event with raffles.

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Each session will be streamed separately:







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