ONLINE EVENT: ML Workgroup2 - Part 1 v2 - Lesson 1

GDG Reading & Thames Valley
Thu, Jun 25, 2020, 6:30 PM (BST)

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About this event

We're back for round 2 of our ML workgroup and we will remain online for the duration of this course!!

Over the next few months we will work through the new version of the course, "Practical Deep Learning For Coders v4, Part 1", this time using the latest version of the api and the Fastbook.

Lesson 1: Introduction to v2 of the API, walkthrough the first notebook, getting you set up, kick-off of team projects to work on to help consolidate knowledge.

Tentative Agenda:
18:30 - 19:00 - Social chat, introduce yourself, questions, etc
19:00 - Overview: Maria & Perusha
19:05 - Lesson 1 notebook - Mark
19:30 - Getting setup on v2 - Mark
19:50 - Team Projects:
- Overview of team projects - Perusha/Maria (5 min)
- Ross Bishop: walkthrough of work on an AI card (5-10 min)
- Theo will walkthrough a time series notebook using v2 and ECG data.

Course Details:

- Practical Deep Learning For Coders v4, Part 1 (using the new version of the API)
- The videos for Course v4 are not yet available however you can watch the Course-v3 videos. This will be enough to get you caught up.
- People are expected to complete the material in their own time/pace before the event to be able to fully participate.
- We will space the online events 2-3 weeks apart to give people sufficient time to complete the assignments. It is likely that we will remain online until it is safe for everyone to re-emerge!
- There is a slack channel so if you have questions or need help please ask.

Resources for v4 are below:
The course notebooks:

A book version of the new course:
(Same as course-v4 but is written like a book with explanations, commentary, images, etc)

The new framework (v2):

A starter notebook to install v2: (we will review this in lesson 1)