DevOps Meet Up

GDG Reading & Thames Valley
Tue, Nov 22, 2016, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

Announcing our first speaker:

Simon Fisher from Chef - Learning from Configuration Management

This talk is an in-depth look at all we have learned and what we love about Chef, configuration management, and DevOps. We'll explore the pain points that still exist, especially as teams try to bring containers and microservices into production. We’ll then explore how with Habitat, the apps you build, deploy, and manage behave consistently in any runtime — metal, VMs, containers, and PaaS. You'll spend less time on the environment and more time building features.


Simon is a Solutions Architect at Chef. Having started off his IT career in development, he has spent the last few of those years helping people improve their DevOps practices through the use of automation. In his spare time he runs a website for people with Type 1 Diabetes in Ruby on Rails.

Our second speaker - Gustav Maskowitz talking - Technologies from the future: Kubernetes and Dataflow

Kubernetes let's you orchestrate Docker containers in a way that hides all the mundane non-app specific infrastructure from you. Use it to scale like Google and do devops in a way where Devs DEV and Ops OPS. Dataflow (open source Apache BEAM) is a project that completely flips the whole map-reduce way of processing data. Process streams of data as well as batches like they are the same thing. These two technologies have been running internally at Google for years and enabled huge scale. Now they are effectively free and open for all of us to use.