Deep Learning by Alison B Lowndes from Nvidia

GDG Reading & Thames Valley
Wed, Nov 16, 2016, 6:30 PM (GMT)

About this event

Alison B Lowndes (@AlisonBLowndes) has an enviable job. She is in charge of Artificial Intelligence Developer Relations for EMEA at NVIDIA. She has worked on all manner of deep learning and AI projects and is "now dedicated to providing solutions, with deep learning, to some of humanity's biggest problems. Working directly with entities as prominent as NASA, SETI and CERN, thanks to NVIDIA". 

She recently tweeted from the launch site of OSIRIS-REx, a week later from the European Conference on Machine Learning in Italy, and a week after that from the GPU Technology Conference in Amsterdam. She certainly has her finger on the pulse of this field that is moving forward at a very rapid pace. 

Nvidia is strongly focussed on deep learning and Alison is going to talk about the Deep Learning tools and libraries available. 

Carlo Ruiz will be available to provide more information about the amazing DGX-1 if anyone wants to learn more about it. Below is a snippet about the DGX-1

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More on Deep Learning at Nvidia:

Nvidia is very strongly focussed on the embedded AI market. Watch this video of the Nvidia self-driving car! (