Building, Hosting and Monitoring a Hu:toma Chatbot with GCP & Stackdriver

GDG Reading & Thames Valley
Wed, Sep 20, 2017, 6:30 PM (BST)

About this event

The audience will be taken through the features of Google Stackdriver by way of implementing a simple operational web service that provides a webhook for a Hu:toma chatbot. 

The chatbot webhook implementation will respond with interesting random facts when asked.  But the code will be annotated with metrics and telemetry that will indicate the operational characteristics of the service.  Here Stackdriver will be used to build operational dashboards that use this data to render graphs and allow alerts to be created.

Technologies that will be used for the demonstration are:

Hu:toma Chat Bot Creation Platform, Python, Google Cloud VM's, Docker, Google Container Registry and Stackdriver.

You will learn:

1) An introduction to architectural concepts of webhooks

2) An introduction to the Hu:toma Chatbot platform

3) Basics of how to build a containerised webhook in Python

4) Hosting the webhook on Google Cloud Platform Compute

5) Stackdriver modes of operation, metrics and annotation of code


18:30 Doors open, networking over food & drinks

19:00 Presentation by Chris Guest of Hu:toma

NOTE:  Depending on audience and attendance I'll get a feel for how deep to go and how detailed to make it.

20:00 Open questions & discussion

Thanks to Priocept ( for sponsoring the event.