Progressive Loading with a Progressive Framework

GDG Oxford
Fri, Jan 31, 2020, 6:00 PM (GMT)

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About this event

Happy New Year GDG Oxford!

We are starting the year with an amazing talk by Vladimir Salin! Details below. As always, there will be pizza, so do let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

Speaker Bio:
Vladimir has been exposed to web development for more than a decade and currently works at Optellum on the MedTech/AI product helping clinicians with an early lung cancer diagnosis. Apart from the Fullstack Engineer role, he grows a few pet projects where he experiments with modern technologies and tries out new efficient ways of solving software problems.

Talk Abstract:
Let’s be honest: getting content instantaneously became today’s normal. Be it a wall of text or a wall of images, users want to see high-quality data on their devices straight away. With the myriad of devices, platforms and technology stacks, a seemingly simple task of serving images to the client takes a new form. Whereas we know a number of solutions used in the world of web and modern browsers, one would struggle to find a similar one-fits-all approach for the whole diversity of popular devices.

In this talk, I share the results of an experiment aiming to find a reliable way to serve images progressively & smoothly to a user on the main platforms supported by the Flutter toolkit. We will talk a bit about the current state of progressive images loading problem and potential ways of approaching it, and also have fun at a hands-on Dart coding session where we will try to achieve a seamless page load on different devices using a single codebase without touching any platform-specific framework. Zero knowledge of mobile development required!