How to Securely Share Sensitive Data in the Cloud using Blockchain and GKE

GDG Oxford
Wed, Nov 6, 2019, 6:00 PM (GMT)

About this event

We have a very special speaker for our next meetup, Gus Maskowitz from Gospel Technology.

Talk Description:
Securing data is an understood task - it’s doable and achievable if you work hard and pay attention. Securing *SHARED* data is a mess of all-or-nothing access, contracts and hope: handing over data en mass and hoping it goes well. Gospel Technology has worked out how to solve the problem - we use a blockchain for creating a fool-proof audit log and patented methods for consensus on READING data OUT to ensure reads are always logged and only granted to those with permissions, even as your data extends into a partner organisation, far beyond your access controls and policy enforcing middleware. How? We’ll show you! And help you build ridiculously secure data, PII and other sharing systems to solve real world problems.

Speaker Bio:
Gus Maskowitz heads up Gospel’s Developer Relations, consulting on product features and enhancements, developer initiatives, and technical strategy. He is a former Google Developer Advocate and spent 10 years at Rackspace in various product, engineering and technologist roles. You can find him at various speaking engagements, conferences and meetups throughout the UK and Nordics.

* As always food will be provided so let us know if you have any dietary requirements!