The Big Golang Meetup

GDG Oslo
Mon, Aug 28, 2017, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

This is the meetup that programmers who are interested in the high performance, scalable, lightweight, cross platform language that do not compromise with ease of programming, agility and fun have been waiting for. You are talking about Go of course!


Food served by our sponsor, Kodemaker.


From zero to 400 webhooks/second in 24 hours, by Ernesto Jimenez (Google Developer Expert)

We'll talk about how we prototyped a service to dispatch webhooks leveraging Go, Kubernetes, Prometheus and Google Cloud Platform in a company hackathon.  We'll go through our objectives, the design, the results, and some of the challenges we found along the way.


Using Go at by Tor Langballe (CTO)

This is a talk will focus on the the experience gained from building a fairly large project in Go. We'll see why we chose Go, how we dealt with external code usage, database programming APIs and web interfaces. Finally we will see which changes we wish to see for the next version of the language.


Drawing of a free ticket to, thanks to our sponsor dotConferences.