Kotlin/Everywhere Oslo

GDG Oslo
Tue, Sep 10, 2019, 5:00 PM (CEST)

About this event

Want to get started with Kotlin, but don't know where to begin? Join us for our Kotlin/Everywhere event.

During this evening we will have an introduction talk about Kotlin, followed by a talk about Kotlin coroutines. Then you will get hands-on experience with Kotlin while working through several Android / Google Cloud / multi-platform codelabs.

Bring a laptop (PC, Mac or Chromebook). The labs will run on all of the latest versions of the popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Chrome or Firefox installed. Don’t forget your charger!

Tentative agenda:

17:00 Welcome
17:30 Introduction to Kotlin with Trym Nilsen

How can you start using Kotlin today and what should you be aware of if you want to learn Kotlin?
In this introduction to Kotlin we will have a look at which new features Kotlin brings to the table, and which best practices you might consider using by showing hands-on examples and snippets.
If you have experience from other programming languages, you also will see how this knowledge transfers to Kotlin.

18:15 Kotlin coroutines - Thomas Pettersen

Asynchronism and threading can be quite cumbersome to deal with in programming. Kotlin (re)introduces a concept known as coroutines, making concurrency easy to both read and write in addition to speeding up performance. This presentation will guide you through the basics of coroutines, compare it to other concurrency models out there, and even show how to test these asynchronous structures. This might be an eye opener to solve many of your future problems.

19:00 Break
19:20 Codelabs
21:00 Event ends