Android meetup - Security and more

GDG Oslo
Thu, Apr 27, 2017, 5:30 PM (CEST)

About this event

We are happy to invite you to Android meetup.

17:30  Secure your Android application - secure storage and communication  - by Thomas Pettersen

It's so easy to download an app and extract "protected" details from it, that anyone can do it. We do not want some 14 year old kid posting sensitive info from our apps on youtube... To better safeguard our data, communications and hashing algorithms, we need to be able to hack our own apps and see what we are exposing. Then we can learn to protect them. This talk will demonstrate how to hack apps, which methods of safeguarding that is effective and discuss problems we might encounter when dealing with security.

18:20 Hidden Android features - by Konstantin Loginov

Android is everywhere now: in your TV, in your car, on your wrist, in your pocket. Every year Google ships dozens of new features for Android and it's getting almost impossible to keep track of all of them and even harder to allocate time to experiment with them. However, going this extra mile, you can enrich your customers' experience, uncover new horizontals or bump up your chances to be featured.
In this talk I'll cover some of the features which are not particularly mainstream nowadays but probably deserve your closer look, such as Google Play Campaign Measurement, Shortcuts and many more.